Beginners' Course in Mandarin Chinese for Engineers
Just basic knowledge of Chinese language and culture can mean the world when interacting with Chinese people, as well in social as in business contexts. Such a basic toolkit, ready to be deployed instantly and tailored to the needs of engineering students, is exactly what this course will provide you with.

Last year more than one hundred students applied to the 30 spots. Now the course is even more refined and powered by an ambitious e-learning tool that ensures optimal learning. We are looking for driven students who can inspire each other to reach even greater results. 

Will you be attending any of Chalmers's programmes this fall? Then the choice is simple – apply today!

Application is now closed. Due to a very high number of applicants no late applications will be accepted. 
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Mandarin Chinese – possibly the most important investment of your career

Who can apply?
Anyone who is enrolled at Chalmers University of Technology during the fall term of 2014.

When will the course run?
The course runs at quarter speed from September to December, with one lecture per week at 17.00 - 19.00. Examinations will be distributed in such a way that they do not interfere with exam weeks. 

How are students selected?
Since this is not yet a Ladok-course students will be selected through short motivational texts as to why they are suited to be among the 30 accepted. You will find the two deciding questions at the end of this form. 

Will the course grant academic credits?
Since the course is not yet a Ladok course, the answer is no. However, Chalmers awards all who reach a passing grade with a diploma that states that the course is equivalent of 7.5 academic credits. You are free to use it as an official reference. More acknowledgment efforts might be revealed shortly. 

What will the students learn?
The course focuses on language that will be useful right away, which means emphasis on pronunciation and Chinese characters written by computer – not by hand. If you want to dig deeper into the course content, you can find the full document of learning objectives by clicking this link:
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